October 2018


Team Vivir was formed at hackathon in Brazil which was hosted by Google for Education where the challenge was to come up with a device to help students in higher education. Team Vivir designed glasses that could help visually impaired students navigate around their campuses.

November 2018


Team Stepify was created at the hackathon at Harvard University with a vision to help the visually impaired and the elderly walk safely. A device was created that used computer vision to give contextual feedback to its users. The project won the Google Sponsor prize for best use of Google Cloud Platform.

December 2018

Vivir + Stepify

The Google for Education Team brought team Stepify and Vivir together to form an international collaboration between two teams with the same vision. The goal was to mentor a unified team and write a case study based on the results contributed by the two teams.

January 2019


Team Vivir and Team Stepify joined forces to create our new organization - Eyespace. The vision of Eyespace was to imagine a world where visually impaired people are empowered, independent and get a new new persepective to the world around them.

April 2019

Google Next

Eyespace was demoed at Google Cloud's conference - Next '19. Our app was presented on a mobile device which portrayed how it could be used to give general context awareness. We got a lot of insightful feedback both from an idea perspective and a technical perspective.

April 2019

Beta Testing

Currently, we are conducting beta testing with the community of visually impaired people in Brazil, and adding additional features to our app which will be rolled out in our Alpha version. We are working towards launching our IOS and Android app for public use very soon as well.